- Protein

- Zinc

- Vitamin B6

- Vitamin B12

- Satiation

- Energy

- Paleo Friendly

Hog (Sus Scrofa)

The Pulled Pork Bar was inspired by the worldly travels of our Director of Operations and realized following a multi-week pulled pork al pastor taco binge in Central and South America. The end result is a religious eating experience catered for the EPIC carnivore.

Although the noble pig is most often known for its delicious and mighty belly, we at EPIC like to use other delicious cuts of our favorite animal. After the launch of our bacon bar, we wanted to balance our utilization of the animal by developing a bar using other high quality whole muscle cuts! The pulled pork bar allows us to source leaner meats of the pig while staying true to our commitment of creating EPIC tasting snacks!

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