-12G of Protein

-Free Range Venison

-Pasture Centered

-Grass fed

-Axis Deer

-Gluten Free

-No Added Sugar

-Wild Game Line

Deer (Cervus elaphus)

Unleash your wild side with a bar that is consistent with the evolutionary diets of our ancestors. Our 100% grass fed and free range venison bar not only connects you directly to the wild, but is guaranteed to inspire your greatest adventures. Eat how you live, wild & free ®

Our Venison Sea Salt Pepper bar is based on a simple recipe that allows the natural flavor of deer meat to shine bright and true. A tribute to the “classic” venison jerky recipe, this bar will teleport your taste buds to a unique carnivore experience and make it easier for you to consume a wholesome protein often not found in the grocery store!

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