Beef (Bos Primigenius)

Food matters. How your food is raised and grown has an incredible impact on our environment, so every purchase you make is a vote for the ecosystem you want to support. Our Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Tender Beef Steak Bites are the first product to bear the Ecological Outcome Verification seal, illustrating that sourcing of this product improved soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function. To learn more visit


Our Cranberry Sriracha Beef Bites are thoughtfully crafted with pure ingredients that are not only flavorful, but uniquely simple and powerful. We balanced semisweet notes of cranberry with the mild kick of red chili pepper to produce a flavor forward sensory experience that we deem EPIC.


- Protein

- 100% Grass Fed Beef


- Vitamin E

- Niacin

- B Vitamins

- Omega-3ís

- Satiation

- Gluten Free

- Paleo Friendly