Chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus)

What makes EPIC Chicken Bites special starts with a foundational commitment to sourcing only 100% non-GMO raised chicken. GMO free animal feed is not only good for the end consumer, but supports farmers who are committed to producing hearty crops by traditional and time-tested methods. EPIC animals begin with EPIC farmers and ranchers who are committed to improving the health of the land.


Our Currant + Sesame BBQ Chicken Bites are a refreshing and portable snack you will feel good about eating. Our simple yet highly powerful ingredient label hits the palate with semisweet notes of organic currants and further develops into a spicy medley of Asian spices. This artfully crafted Jerky Bite is tailored to the foodie carnivore who refuses to settle.


- Protein

- Non-GMO Chicken

- Certified Humane       Chicken

- Tryptophan

- Phosphorus

- Selenium

- Niacin

- Folic Acid

- Vitamin B6

- Paleo Friendly