Who should eat these bars?

EPIC is for everyone! Long lasting satiety comes easily with EPIC's nutrient-dense protein content and the absence of grains. This makes EPIC a great option for on-the-go healthy snacking.


Additionally, EPIC bars are loaded with anti-inflammatory omega-3's, muscle-building CLAs, and antioxidant-rich vitamins A and E, thus also making EPIC a perfect fuel for athletes.


Lastly, the low-glycemic nature of EPIC creates the perfect snacking option for diabetics, Paleolithic eaters, and others looking for a pure form of protein, just the way nature intended.

How do EPIC bars differ from other protein bars?

EPIC is 100% animal-based whole protein. It is minimally processed and contains all essential amino acids. Additionally, EPIC bars are much easier for your body to digest when compared to other bars. This results in superior protein utilization.


Other protein bars typically source either soy or whey protein isolates. These highly processed ingredients undergo toxic chemical treatments to create a protein source that is difficult for your body to recognize. Additionally, other bars have to rely on syrups and/or sweeteners to counterbalance the chalky flavor of protein powders. This results in an unavoidable and often unfavorable high sugar/carbohydrate load that is seen in every other protein bar on the market.

Are these bars paleo?

Yes! As a matter of fact, EPIC produces the most Paleo-friendly protein bar available in the market!

What is more important to buy 100% grass fed or 100% organic animals?

We believe that 100% grass-fed animals are beyond organic. 100% grass fed animals eat a nutrient rich, diverse diet of pasture, which creates a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients when compared to other forms of animal rearing. Keep in mind that current USDA regulations permit 100% organic animals to be fed a diet primarily consisting of only corn, soy, and other cheap fillers. These organic feeds lower the amount of omega-3's, CLA, and vitamin E in the animal. Additionally, there is no guarantee that a 100% organic animal did not live the majority of its life in a confined space.


To read more on farm animal welfare we suggest:


Friend, C. (2008) The Compassionate Carnivore. Philadelphia, PA: Da Capo Press


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We know all other EPIC animals are free to roam, what about the ducks?

Staying true to our commitment to sourcing from only the best suppliers, our duck fat is sourced from cage-free ducks who live in barns located in upstate New York. The animals have plenty of room to roam and are allowed to express natural behaviors with other ducks inside the flock.

How can I support the EPIC movement?

If you enjoy this product that features pasture raised, grass finished meats, please join us in proudly supporting the Savory Institute’s mission to heal the land using properly managed livestock. Go to for more information and to make a donation.  Help us ensure that future generations can eat Epically!


For an explanation of the remarkable results achieved by the Savory Institute, watch Allan Savory’s TED Talk here:

Does EPIC make donations?

Yes. Our primary mission at EPIC is to see the proliferation of holistic land and animal management. We are committed to positively impacting animal welfare and healing the land with properly managed livestock through both our sourcing and charity efforts. Our key allies in achieving this are The Savory Institute, The Global Animal Partnership, The Certified Humane Project, and The Marine Stewardship Council. Learn more HERE on our website. 

How can I request a donation?

Donation requests that support animal welfare and holistic land management efforts are a priority over others. For consideration, please submit an application 8 weeks in advance of your need HERE. Due to the large volume of donation requests we receive, we review requests once a month and can only guarantee reply to approved requests. We appreciate your patience in this regard. 


If you are an influential athlete or adventurer interested in promoting EPIC to your followers, please submit an application to become either an Ambassador or Champion via our website HERE

How do athletes use EPIC?

The high protein and CLA content of EPIC makes our bars the perfect post-workout recovery meal for athletes. However, it is worth noting that a growing number of endurance athletes are experimenting and thriving with low carbohydrate fuel sources. Due to a uniquely low-glycemic index, our bars promote fat oxidation (your bodies ability to burn fat as fuel). As a result, EPIC is a great fuel source when doing low to moderate level exercise (>70% VO2max). Additionally, EPIC can be consumed pre-workout to top off energy stores and avoid a spike in insulin levels!


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If athletes do a low-carbohydrate diet, how do they fuel their exercise?

Fat is the ideal energy source for life's daily activities; whether walking, working, or running a 100-mile trail race, our bodies prefer to utilize fat as an energy source. Carbohydrates only come into play when you're doing repeated bouts of high intensity exercise like sprints or intervals. In those situations, it is helpful to supplement with a high carbohydrate drink or bar.


If interested in learning more about fat oxidation and low carbohydrate exercise we suggest reading the following book:


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Why do the Beef and Bison bars have so much fat? I thought fat was bad for you.

Contrary to popular belief, fats are vital for optimal health. The fats present in EPIC bars are dense in omega-3 fatty acids, which are arguably some of the most nutritious foods in existence. Without fat in your meals, your body tends to avoid absorbing all the nutrients found present in other foods. Fats get a bad wrap, but are essential elements to our diets.


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What is the connection between saturated fat intake and heart disease?

This is yet another myth that is often propagated by outdated medical dogma. In fact, most recent studies have concluded that saturated fat intake likely has no relation to heart disease! Here are some peer reviewed medical journals to reference:


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Doesn’t eating dietary fat make us fat?

NO. Fat is very satiating, especially when paired with other low carbohydrate foods. By staying full longer, we inadvertently eat less without sacrificing satiation or satisfaction! Additionally, when fat is consumed together with a low carbohydrate source, similar to EPIC, your body improves its own ability to access stored body fat and burn it as fuel. This actually aides in fat loss.


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What is Lactic Acid and what is it doing in my EPIC bar?

Lactic Acid is a natural ingredient used to cure meat. The starter culture is derived from vegetables and is dairy free. By using a combination of age-old preservation methods with the addition of Lactic Acid, we can produce a high quality shelf stable product without any harsh preservatives!

Do you have any scientific support as to the benefits of grass fed animal protein?

There are numerous high quality peer reviewed research articles that confirm the health benefits of grass fed animals vs. grain fed animals. Here is an all-encompassing study from California State University that we enjoy referencing:


C.A.Daley, K.Harrison, P. Doyle, A. Abbott . (2010.) A review of fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef. Nutrition Journal, 9:10.

I have food allergies. Are EPIC products safe for me?

Our product labels are the most accurate and up to date source for allergen and ingredient information and we stongly recommend those with food allergies and/or sensitivities read these labels carefully before consuming an EPIC product.  All of our allergen-containing products list the specific allergen(s) conatined within the product in both the ingredient list and in an allergen "contains" statement directly following the allergen list.  In some cases, EPIC products are made on shared equipment or in facilities where allergens are present.  In such cses, sanitation and segregation programs are used to ensure there is no cross-contamination between allergen and non-allergen products.  If you have specific questions about shared equipment with any of our products, please do not hesitate to reach out to our consumer services team.


All EPIC animals are free to roam and come from certified humane sources. We have suppliers all over the world including North America and other countries.


EPIC bars are fully cooked meat based protein bars, real meat, real protein. We also make a bite sized snack version of the bars we call our EPIC Bites that come in a resealable pouch as another way to provide a portable paleo snack. Our Hunt & Harvest line is ourtake on paleo trail mix, which is a perfect mix of meat accompanied with dried fruit or nut medleys which is the perfect snack made for the trail or an EPIC camping trip. 

What is The Savory Institute and what is your relationship?

The Savory Institute is a treasured partner with EPIC as both companies are committed to holistic land management practices. While "grass fed" and "organic" is generally synonymous with healthy and humanely raised animals, the EPIC team believes that these standards are only the beginning to a greater and more encompassing system that can create value and restore the land. Learn more about EPIC's partnership with The Savory Institute here.

Are these fat deposits on my EPIC bar?

The Bison Bacon Cranberry and Lamb Currant Mint bars commonly show visible fat deposits on the bar.  These fat deposits are an off-white color, almost transparent, and are perfectly fine to eat.  Just think of it as visible pre-workout fuel!


EPIC is committed to sourcing as much 100% Grass Fed Bison as the market can provide. 

Why is the turkey bar 100% natural instead of 100% grass fed?

It is our goal to sell 100% grass fed animal protein, however, at this point in time we are unable to find a reliable and high quality supplier of 100% pastured turkey. As a result, we sourced a 100% natural turkey rancher that exceeds our high standards for animal welfare. We will continue to search for 100% pastured turkey, which will eventually become the norm once society acknowledges it’s value for humans and animals alike. Additionally, turkeys are omnivores and thereby should not be labeled “100%“ grass-fed. They love eating insects and worms!

Whoa! I can see the bar now? Why the switch to a different packaging?

We at EPIC are always looking to improve the quality of our products. A vacuum sealed package is the best packaging for keeping oxygen 100% away from our bars. This allows us to stick to our food philosophy by not adding any preservatives or harsh chemicals to our products. The EPIC bar now has an improved consistency, flavor, and mouth feel. This process also allows us to produce EPIC with less packaging, which is good for the Earth. We also like the idea of our consumers being able to see what the bars actually look like. Now consumers can see what a meat-based protein bar really looks like! 

Why is it every so often I bite into a rough piece in my EPIC bar?

At EPIC we purchase whole animal muscle meat to use in our bars. All animal muscle meat is enveloped within a thin tendinous sheath (connective tissue) that is removed prior to cooking. We cut excess tendon by hand to ensure a lean and clean bite. Occasionally, a small piece of tendon might sneak past us. Once cooked, this tissue can turn into a hard or chewy piece inside your bar. The texture is similar to a chewy strip of beef jerky.

The bars in the new vacuum seal packaging appear to be more moist. I liked the bars when they were a bit drier, what gives?

At EPIC improving the product is always one of our top priorities. We have always produced EPIC in a way that provided for a moist, savory experience and not one to be compared with a dry, tough jerky. Now in a vacuum sealed package, the EPIC lineup is more savory than ever. The new packaging locks in the flavor and taste of the bars like never before, and we love it!

Why should I use animal fat vs. other oils when cooking?

Animal oils are time tested and have complex and flavorful profiles that can take your cooking to the next level. The oils are incredibly stable under high heat and as a result have a high smoke point. Animal oils are diverse in their functions and used by some of the finest chefs across the world. This nose to tail approach for consuming meat honors the entire animal by creating nourishing and flavorful food while reducing our waste!

Do I need to refrigerate any of the EPIC Animal oils?

High quality rendered animal fat is shelf stable at room temperature, but we do recommend refrigeration after opening.  We find that refrigerating the product improves the texture and usability.

What is the rendering process for the Animal Oils?

Our animal oils are slow cooked using low temperatures in large kettles. These time tested methods are similar to how your grandma would have rendered fat.


This "dark stuff" is the most glorious part of the duck fat! The culprit of the discoloration is nourishing collagen naturally contained in duck skin. It is the most flavorful part of the duck fat and should be savored for maximum enjoyment.

Why is there separation in some of the oils?

Separation is naturally occurring and is a result of the unique makeup of each animal. Duck for example has a similar ratio of saturated to unsaturated fats, as a result, there can be "cloudiness" inside the jar. Simply shake or stir the oil prior to using. When you refrigerate the product, all the fats solidify and the separation disappears. 

How do I consume Bone Broth?

Bone broth can be sipped either hot or cold. 

What is a sipping broth?

A sipping broth is a ready to drink, single-serving, and portable beverage that is meant to be sipped as you would a coffee or tea. Bone broth can also be used to cook with as an alternative use.

Can I use bone broth to cook with?

Of course! While EPIC Bone Broth was made ready to drink, you can also use it to cook with. Use it in recipes that call for broth or as a base for your favorite soup.

How long will Bone Broth last after I open it?

Keep broth in the fridge for no longer than 3 days after opening.

Why should I drink Bone Broth?

Why shouldn't you?! Bone broth has EPIC benefits. But don't take our word for it:


Eat this: Bone Broth

How Bone Broths Support Your Adrenals, Bones and Teeth

Is Bone Broth the New Super Food?

Do I need to refrigerate bone broth?

EPIC Bone Broth is now shelf stable and only needs to be refrigerated after opening.

Do you ship outside the United States?

If you live in the great country of Canada, you are in luck! Although we do not ship internationally, our online partner will send you EPIC Provisions at a reasonable rate! If you live in Australia or New Zealand, try ordering through our good friends at, they will hook you up!