An ode to great food, great conversations, and all things EPIC, our in-house podcast plays host to a rotating crew of farmers, athletes, health experts, and food icons while exploring every topic from regenerative agriculture to diet trends to behind-the-scenes founder stories. Whether you're looking for new health and fitness tips or simply love incredible storytelling, The Meatcast is for you.
From op-eds to features on our founders and the waves we're causing in the food industry, our press hits are as varied as our products. Check 'em out to see what all the hubbub is about!
Packed with over 25 original articles - including intimate supplier stories, close looks at the people and science behind regenerative agriculture and the fight to improve soil health, and tributes to the incredible animals that nourish our bodies and care for our lands - our 2017 Impact Journal highlights key victories and honors those who have dedicated their lives to improving the way our food production processes impact our world. We hope its stories give you a greater appreciation for the food on your table and inspire you to fight for honesty, transparency, and altruism in agriculture.