Dynamic Duos
February 3, 2017
We are stoked that our very own founders, Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest, were included in Austin Fit Magazine's February article, "Dynamic Duos."  The story featured five unstoppable pairs in Austin who have built businesses around health and fitness, focusing on Katie and Taylor's innate ability to make tough,& ...
Meat, the Unlikely Climate Hero?
November 3, 2016
New Hope Network's article, "Meat, the unlikely climate hero?" dives into the positive impacts that properly managed resources can have on our ecosystem, focusing specifically on regenerative agriculture.  The article also takes a look into the future of the regenerative land movement to show how consumers will soon be ...
Raising the Bar
September 26, 2016
We are happy to share the article "Raising the Bar" from the October issue of Independent Processor.  This article features EPIC Founders Katie and Taylor's major transition from vegans to conscientious meat eaters as well as their quick journey to becoming leaders within the meat ...
Amazing Graze
September 8, 2016
Amazing Graze" is an in-depth article in Naturally, Danny Seo which features EPIC Founders, Katie and Taylor.  The story follows their extraordinary journey from raw vegans to successful entrepreneurs of a meat-based food brand that is focused on creating real change within the food industry.  ...
A Modern Bison Primer
August 5, 2016
Food & Wine republished Civil Eats original article, "A Modern Bison Primer" which describes the current state of the bison population in the United States.  The article emphasizes that about three-fourths of bison herds in the United States are grain-finished rather than grass-finished.  As the largest American purchaser ...
For a Pie Crust or Frying Potatoes, Cooking Fat From Animals
July 25, 2016
The New York Times released the article, "For a Pie Crust or Frying Potatoes, Cooking Fat From Animals" this July featuring EPIC's Animal Oils and we could not be more pumped about it!  The article describes the cooking oils as giving food a whole ...
Meat Market
July 13, 2016
Triathlete Magazine included EPIC's Honest Harvest trail mix in the July edition of their publication in an article featuring healthy protein-packed snacks which athletes can enjoy.  The article describes EPIC as continually breaking ground in the meak snack category while specifically mentioning the convenient and nutritious  ...
Five Trends in Healthful Snacks
July 2, 2016
We are pumped to be included in the Los Angeles Times article, "Five Trends in Healthful Snacks" which were discovered at the annual Expo West in Anaheim, California this year.  The article lists the emergence of meat bars as a top trend to look out for, specifically calling out ...
4 Lessons From Animals and Nature that Helped Propel EPIC Provisons' Rapid Rise
May 19, 2016
Food Navigator-USA gives an inside look at the foundational principles EPIC co-founders, Katie and Taylor, use daily to create a successful brand and team, while also leading a food revolution which creates a net positive impact on the environment. ...
12 Best Bets for Hiking
May 12, 2016
We could not agree more with our EPIC Hunt & Harvest Mix, Mountain Medley, making it into Health Magazine's "12 Best Bets for Hiking."  Our Hunt & Harvest mixes are the perfect go-to snack to pack for your next adventure as they will no doubt keep you feeling ...
Hunting and Harvesting With EPIC
April 27, 2016
Elk Hunter Magazine has fueled their latest issue with a great review of all the EPIC products!  Aside from accolades to Chicken Sriracha and the Beef Apple Bacon bar, the editor noted our product has one weakness...vegetarians won't like it.  Coming from a magazine that inspires modern ...
Chicken Sriracha Bar Named Slimming Snack
April 1, 2016
We’re stoked to have been featured in Clean Eating for our Chicken Sriracha bar! This foodie faves feature showcases a roundup of clean ingredient snacks and drinks, with EPIC’s Chicken Sriracha Bar coming in as a spicy-hot jerky that "quashes cravings while firing up your taste ...